Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Visiting Grandma at work

'Preschool Fun with Parents, Too'

Today in our mommy & me class there was a bday celebration for one of the girls, Rose, so Mila was treated to apple juice and a pink cupcake from Martino's. 

The Americana w/my parents

First I was sick, and then Mila got it, and then came MLK weekend with zero social plans, and well, so much time at home resulted in cabin fever. I was grateful that my parents spontaneously met us for dinner so that we could take advantage my $25 Cheesecake Factory gift card which I'd forgotten that I'd tapped into previously and only had $5 left on it, doh! 

Cat lady

Mila and I recently cat-sat for our neighbors for 4 days. Twice each day, we would go check in on the pair & feed them & keep them company for a bit. It's the house right in front of ours so its a 45 second walk, and there were Real Simple mags to keep me entertained, and 'Minnesota' and 'Gidget' to keep Mila entertained. She looooves animals. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Aunt Michelle's visit from Houston!

Recent out takes/random photos w/out a theme

(Mila takes a ton of selfies on my phone)
(Sorry for the fuzzy photos; one of these days I'll start using a digital camera. For now I figure this is better than nothing) 

Family Time

Possibly the best Christmas gift for all of us this year was a visit from Grandma Peggy (Bay Area) Aunt Kathy (Bay Area) and Aunt Susan (Reno) the weekend after Xmas. All 3 drove down, battling harsh traffic, to spend a couple days with all of us. Nothing too major on the agenda...just lots of conversation, snacks, white wine, stories, and the like. It was the perfect way to wrap up the holiday season. 

Christmas Day 2013


I'm writing from my bed at noon on a Monday, sick at home and listening to Mila sing from her crib instead of nap. It's a beautiful day outside and we might have to venture out for some Vitamin D later, as I haven't been outdoors since 7pm on Friday.
Didn't mean to take a holiday vacay from blogging. We've done plenty of fun things worth blogging about, so I'll need to play catch-up. 

My sister just flew back home after being here for a week and of course that was a lot of fun to have Mila hang out with her Auntie Shell. We went to Don Cuco's, Golden Road, Olvera St, she spent the night, plenty of fun stuff. If all works out well, we will be headed to Houston for Mother's Day weekend in May to watch her graduate w/a degree in Earth Science/minor in Biology. 

Mila and I started a mommy & me Burbank Parks & Rec class & absolutely love it. It's going to be the perfect chance to get her around more of her peers, get her used to following instruction, participating in crafts, singing songs, etc. The teacher is great. 

I'd type more but I'm on my iPhone so I'll follow up with some photos instead. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Open House

Such a nice concept for a party. "Open house from 2pm-5pm" This way, people can come and go as they please, there's no timeline, no one stays too late, you can get away with serving finger foods, and who doesn't love Prosecco on a Sunday afternoon? Cassandra, Lucian's mom & my prenatal yoga buddy, had us over to their BEAUTIFUL South Pasadena bungalow for cookie decorating and mingling and noshing and swinging and yes, some Prosecco for mom. It was a perfect afternoon.