Monday, December 28, 2009

food today

breakfast: peppery scrambled eggs and pumpkin pancakes with plenty of vegan butter and agave maple syrup. mmm i had bought the TJ's mix for pumpkin baking before Thanksgiving and am now getting around to it, and so happy that we did. linner: tuna salad (tuna, mashed avocado, pink lady apple, onion, lemon juice all mixed together) atop muenster cheese and sliced tomatoes. sandwiched between whole grain bread. life is good. and spin class starts in an hour ;)

paris, oui oui

artist: won park. blog: black eiffel. currency: euro. classic image, via A Cup of Jo Cozy windowsill Sweet fashion, via A Cup of Jo

Thursday, December 24, 2009

home inspiration

when starting a folder on my desktop of images i like of homes/shots that inspire me on how to decorate, i quickly realized that said folder grows quickly! so here's a lengthy post, and i could add so much more....
(when in need of home inspiration, the following blogs never disappoint:black eiffel, design sponge, visual notes, oh joy! )

peacock blue

and plum, and mustard yellow....all colors that i never thought i'd really like (i lean more towards brighter colors than deeper colors) yet i'm loving this palette, and wondering how our wedding would have looked if we had chosen these colors regrets, just sayin' ;)

here's wishing....

here's wishing that you (whomever you are!) have a fun, cozy, safe, healthy, happy holiday today and tomorrow.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

kid's room

so cute, love it. i love all the white, with splashes of bright color. easy to work with. easy to change. blog=black*eiffel.


i decided that i wanted to post a scattering of heart images but as i go along and collect them, i get impatient about posting them. i'll have to start series. greg and i have a shot from our wedding of forming our hands into a heart shape, but it's on his computer. these are via black*eiffel, and the last one via what possessed me. <3

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


roasted pears!!! i want to eat these right now!! what could be more perfect at this time of year?? sweet, warm, juicy. my friend elise made this once, but with chocolate sauce to boot! via smitten kitchen. oh, how i love this pedestal platter (at least that's what i'm calling this object). Found it on making chicken salad-yes, that's the name of the (cute) blog. i want these colors and the clean look. via i am a greedy girl. this plaid cape is kind of amazing. via i am a greedy girl. these nesting bowls are darn cute, via bliss. love this dresser, via a desert fete. love the color, the shape, the height, the simplicity.

good books

read any good books lately? my dear friend sara lent me about 6 books this summer, and it takes me awhile to get through just one (i read every night in bed, but i read about 4 pages and conk out). i would highly recommend any of the three i have posted here. they are all very different, very beautiful, and can be very tragic. currently i am on page 65 of Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende. So far i love it. (not posted, but also recommended: The Time Traveler's Wife. not nearly as corny as it sounds)

LOVEly wedding images

carol hannah.
kate szabone.
all via East Side Bride

Sunday, December 13, 2009

charlotte & sofia

i'll take either appearance. and talent. and personal style. thanks.

a brand new idea to me

yarn wreaths-never seen this before and now i'm seeing them everywhere. so cute. i want to make one. maybe next year.