Wednesday, April 20, 2011


my friend's SF wedding was posted online recently, and i'm so happy for her! this bride + groom = impeccable style, so i had to share. check out more here: snippetandink.


hubby bought this japanese amelie movie poster for me as a surprise, random gift. it's the best! i read in bed with my cats like that every night! and amelie is quite possibly, and has always been, my near fave movie, ever. i love, love this poster. sadly, though, it's been stowed away for a month or two now, as we don't have a frame for it. we've shopped around, and framing can be so expensive!! does anyone have any recommendations as to where we can take it (somewhere in LA), or where we can simply buy a movie poster size frame and take care of it ourselves? amelie would greatly appreciate being displayed in our living room for all to see....


a.) I want a bunch of flowy scarves for spring
b.) i'd like those coin purses/wallets/clutches/purses (whatever they each are) in faux leather.
please & thanks
(images seen on sfgirlbybay)

our cats are cute.

shop 'til you drop

so, anthropologie (my fave store of all time) has the greatest website ever. it's beyond user-friendly; it's incredibly interactive. you can browse outfits (above) done up in photo-shoot-style, or you can browse home goods (my fave, duh) in such a fun way: you pick a 'pigment' (fun!) between these three: turquoise (YAY!) sand (meh) or coral (yay!). i swear, if i could live inside an anthro store i would. in fact, i stated that idea to the gal who rang me up last time i was there (buying home goods)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

fallen off...

i've totally fallen off the blogging wagon. i don't know when i'll fully jump back on, if i do. my mind/heart hasn't been in it. nevertheless, it's bugging me that the last post i had was a stretched-out, crappy copy/paste of an image of tina fey with hairy man arms, so i wanted to update with this post, especially because both items make me happy, and i've had a rotten day.
(both via a cup of jo)