Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Open House

Such a nice concept for a party. "Open house from 2pm-5pm" This way, people can come and go as they please, there's no timeline, no one stays too late, you can get away with serving finger foods, and who doesn't love Prosecco on a Sunday afternoon? Cassandra, Lucian's mom & my prenatal yoga buddy, had us over to their BEAUTIFUL South Pasadena bungalow for cookie decorating and mingling and noshing and swinging and yes, some Prosecco for mom. It was a perfect afternoon. 

New Christmas Tradition

On Sunday morning we met Valinda (Greg's niece) and her kiddos at 'Home' in Silverlake for breakfast. This is one of my favorite spots-bright, big patio, dog-friendly, big tall booths, koi fish ponds, and super yummy food. We had a great time catching up with Valinda (Mila's cousin if you can believe it!) and Desiree & Vincent. The kids had fun playing and exchanging gifts. We never see these guys unless Greg's mom is in town so it was nice to get together on our own. Plus, at the end, Mila was so huggy with them! I love that she's starting to hug her little peers. Pretty much the cutest thing ever. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

People go nuts over these (it was there, I had to)

At the holiday party w/our circle of friends on Friday night, I took a cheese/fruit/nut platter which included these beloved salty, oily, rosemary-y almonds. If you've never had these, add them to your grocery list. Julie in particular was asking where I got them from (hi, I only shop at one grocery store) ;) and what the package looks like so she can easily find them. Tonight I texted her this photo of M helping to display them (ala Vanna White ya know) and Julie's response was 'I'm more interested in the peanut holding the almonds!'

Fisher-Price 'My 1st Dollhouse'

This morning, Sara and Tri came over for brunch and our annual BFF gift exchange. We ate spinach & mushroom quiche, maple bacon biscuits, and baked boozy French toast. Sara gifted me a Crate & Barrel platter serving set, I gave her a nail polish kit, and they gave Mila the cutest doll house ever. She wanted so badly to take the mama, dada, and baby figurines into her crib for her nap but I refrained, figuring it could start a bad habit! 

Holiday Party

Photos from our Annual Secret Santa/White Elephant/Potluck/Dress-up party at Caroline and Brandon's with the whole crew. It's fun to give and receive meaningful gifts between us girls, then funny gifts with the girls and the guys for white elephant, plus now everyone buys such great gifts for all 3 kiddos. We eat and drink well too, of course. And stay up wayyyy past our bedtime! 

Annual Gingerbread cookies

Posing by the tree in her Minnie hat.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013