Monday, May 30, 2011

a night in

watched this film last night. it was really beautiful. a tad bit 'quiet' but i think hubby made a good choice. paired well with a chardonnay from monterey, and farfalle pasta w/plenty of goat cheese.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Beer Belly, new, in Korea Town. Hubby is anxious to go. Craft beer bar, run by a husband + wife duo. Shall report back @ some point... (Should probably start doing restaurant/bar reviews, been to some pretty rad places lately such as The Luggage Room, Mas Malo, and 1886.)

Friday, May 27, 2011


so, i booked an appointment for next week to get my hair cut. i like going to Frenchy's in Burbank-they do me right. problem is, i don't exactly know what i want. i know that my split ends are insane, that i am simply long overdue for some hair tlc (i know that date of my last hair cut, and i am choosing not to say) My hair is long. and thick. i have mermaid hair. it grows fast. if i'm done with the messy bun thing, don't i deserve to chop it off? i tend to favor short, choppy styles, but my hair type doesn't do too well with it. however, i still wanted to explore my options, so i figure no better place to pursue my options than The Sartorialist. well, what do you know, practically ever dame featured on recent pages has long, thick hair. pretty ironic.
nevertheless, here's a couple shorties that i liked:

ha. literally just a couple.
needless to say: To Be Continued.......

Thursday, May 26, 2011

peonies in paris.

sigh. right?? via the lovely blog Oh Happy Day!

color! (fave)

leave it to the ever, ever, ever inspiring blog You Are My Fave to include more happy images that i can keep up with. that girl (said author) seems pretty amazing, and a trip through the pages of her blog can cure any type of sour mood.

yes, please (one day)

shop: winter water factory. view: HankandLucy.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

photos, as of late.

where have i been? 22 days of no posting, i don't know what right i have to blog at all! i would probably give it up if it weren't for the inspiration of my dear friend B, who still checks my blog and makes me feel special :) anyway, my absence excuse? work work work work work work work. brides brides brides get the point. so, here's a visual narration of my recent where-abouts, starting with my second home, le office. over the past few weeks, i was ready to bring a sleeping bag and set up camp there, as i felt there could never be enough hours in the day, as the work piled higher. (it's gotten better, hence this ability to post)
so, my nice, spacious office:

and, the neat little desk (at home) that i sit at (sometimes) and hubby does homework at (often)

then: what i've been reading.....(i almost can't stand how cute auggie's paws are on the bottom right corner-can you see them? definitely not planned but so cute. he's my shadow)

then, laundry. never quite in the mood to take care of that....

yet i manage to contribute to the problem by buying more clothes....

lastly, i've been appreciating and enjoying the sunshine, at least as of today, though deep-down i'm secretly yearning for Fall, for some reason. i made a big batch of veggie & bean soup last night, that curbed the yearning a tad bit.
all in all, life is good, if not pretty great, i just have had little-to-no creative energy as of late. but i feel a nice release when i blog, so i want to maintain/continue, even if it's just for me.