Tuesday, September 29, 2009

1st post

Hi everyone!! Welcome to my blog. I am so excited to start one, and I have many reasons: -a need for a creative outlet. I start journaling here and there, but it never sticks. I have BOXES and boxes of past journals from when I obsessed over writing, and collaging. It is 'how I was born to vent' and I'm ready to dive back into that again, electronically for a change -the recession. I'm hardly working (here and there at a plant nursery, here and there at a museum, hardly ever as a substitute teacher) so I have way too much free time on my hands, and I need to step away from the tv) -stay in touch. I'm horrible about calling people, I live semi-far from my ladies, and my sis just moved back to Texas. So this is my best attempt at keeping everyone involved -inspired. I'm currently obsessed with checking out blogs, thanks to my blogger artist bff B, and I want to get in on the action. Stay tuned, friends! Thank you for being here :)