Monday, November 29, 2010

why, hello there December

It does seem that every year we all say the same thing-something along the lines of 'What! It's Halloween time? Oh man here comes Christmas.' Then 'What! Thanksgiving is tomorrow! I'm going to blink my eyes and it'll be Christmas'....Skip to 'Man, December is going by so fast....' etc etc.
I'm determined to not let Xmas hit me on the back of the head this year-in other words, I am on a mission to savor every moment of December that I can. I have quite a few holiday get-togethers planned, my fave. My hubby found a playlist online of xmas music that gasp, is actually very pleasant and cool (I'm serious, and please don't make fun of me). I decorated a tad bit here at home. We're going to hang lights. I'm going to learn how to make mulled wine and a new pastry. And so on and so forth. For now I leave you with this cutesy-pie idea, felt ball garland, as seen on the ever-clever Oh Happy Day! Seasons Greetings! (Miss you, sis-can't wait to see you in January)

wedding radical-ness

wow, what a stunning wedding recently posted on my fave wedding blog. i love love their stationary. it's bold, pretty, exquisite. also, how amazing is her bouquet?? i was to lay my head on it. a wildflower pillow :)

something bright on a cold day

Love the print, and colors, of this bedspread, seen on House of Turquoise. Although I'd probably have it facing the other way...(?) I do love turquoise.....

Sunday, November 28, 2010

mr. sedaris is at it again...

I just finished reading When You Are Engulfed in Flames, by David Sedaris. Though there were certain parts of the book that I could have done without, I overall loved it and doubt I've ever laughed aloud that much while reading a book. He's got a new one out, the cover is above, I spotted it on Good Mouse, Bad Mouse. I want to flip through it, as the illustrator is the guy who does the (children's) Olivia books.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Ah, the Golden Rule. The phrase I would hang in my classroom. The phrase I would scribble on my bathroom mirror in lipstick for when my kids got up in the morning. The phrase I need to do a better job at remembering myself!!
I can't get the image any bigger because of the lazy way I stole it from the super awesome DesignLoveFest, oh well. It still paints (or 'letterpresses') quite the pretty picture.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a joyful, cozy, yummy and healthy day. Here are some images that should keep the festive spirits alive....

Decor via Heart of Light

Pumpkin decor at a fall wedding, via 100 Layer Cake

Cashmere leggings via Bliss. Too bad you have to only weigh 80 lbs for them to look good...

'Bout how many apples I bought in order to make two apple pies last night....(via Design Crush)

Pretty paper, via Design Crush as well.

(Gourmet Mag's) Pumpkin pie, via Cup of Jo

And cranberry upside down cake, oh yes. Forgot where I found this, I'm sorry ;( Fail....

Hubby and I are eating twice, as we did last year. Have to be in Long Beach at 1pm for his fam, then Canyon Country at 5pm for my fam. I'm wishing everyone a happy, healthy, cozy, and yummy Thanksgiving day. (I love that it's actually a teensy bit cold here in LA. Helps the day to feel even more festive)

Monday, November 22, 2010


Perhaps these planters from PAD Outdoors would be a cute addition to my balcony? Especially the blue ones (I do love yellow, but something a bit softer). I like the height of the ones on legs...
via {Black, White, Yellow.}

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hi, I want this outfit, I'll wear it every day. Thanks.
(via Vain and Vapid)


The images of food on the site Smitten Kitchen are so incredibly gorgeous that they make my mouth water, not to mention the step-by-step images and directions that are provided. These are just a few of the recent shots that I simply had to share, in the spirit of pig-out-week (aka Thanksgiving)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

my dream room

i love love love this room. photographed by morten holtum (hi, great name) via Bliss

cuteness for my balcony...

Over on Bloesem, I spotted the two thangs above. One: what do I want on my balcony more than plants, a bench, some cushions, and frequent glasses of wine?? Deer figurines! (I know. But they're darn cute) Two: hanging vessels full of stems of vibrant color-love this idea, too bad there is hardly a slice of direct sunlight on this balcony of mine....

Do it.


amazing, right? (taken by hubby during his shift @ Trader Joe's)

Date Night, again

Oh, these photos do not do justice to the incredible quality of work created by Belgian artist ROA (
Another date night this weekend (pause: let me explain-I really, really am ready to get this blog on a roll, by posting more and gaining a focus. However, my computer is broken, so I'm sharing hubby's macbook-very nice of him. However again, he's a student, and is creating essays on it quite frequently, so I have not been able to spend as much time on my blog as I'd prefer. Instead, been reading Maya Angelou and sending hubby telepathic messages to remember to upload the photos of date nights 1 & 2 from his iphone to his macbook....) Inhale! Ok, let me resume: another date night took place this weekend, in which we went to this funny little gallery known as New Puppy, in an industrial-ish, residential area near Glassel Park. Invite via our sweet friend Sid. Open bar, funny crowd, bike crew, breath-taking art. We got to meet the artist and stand around in an awkward, silent circle with him as he tried to keep his eyes open after missing sleep much of the prior days due to the coming-together of this show. Here's the best part: he arrived in LA 2 weeks prior to the show, with his sweet and quirky gf Ann (pronounced 'On,' and she has the coolest accent) and he spent the first week simply salvaging whatever he could find that would become the 'canvas' for his work (plywood, shutters, doors, tvs, crates) THEN, he spent the 2nd week creating the art!!! All of the pieces displayed (and believe me, there were sooo many) became alive in LA, in this gallery, which he and Ann bunked up in. This show is up until 11/24 and I'd actually love to go again.

Date Night

Last Friday, my hubby (isn't he handsome??) and I hit the town to see performances at the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts. We bundled up and entered into the space, which is pretty neat aesthetically, but we felt like we were the oldest of the bunch, since it was an all ages show. Oh well, it 'took me back.' Memories. We were impressed as always by Teebs, a young electronic producer with a sweet, melodic sound. His session was backed by a special 'light' show if you will, put on by none other than Flying Lotus. The evening ended with a super, super special intimate moment between Miguel Atwood Ferguson and 3 other lads, all on string. We came home and (forgive me for the fuzzy photo) savored some wine, cashews, and reserved gouda-holy heaven. A pretty great night.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

queen of hearts

Click on this link:Alice in Wardrobe Wonderland to see a super cute blog header. I love the heart cut-outs.
And have a lovin' day!!

(Plus, nothing like a daily dose of Kate. And, I'm kinda loving the pink hair. Hubby and I went to a kick-ass gallery reception last night-images to come-and there was this girl there with bright pink, stringy, fun hair. I looked at it and thought 'you never see that anymore. it seems old-school. but it makes me happy' She was rockin it and I wasn't bothered one bit. I could stand to see more pink hair)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Unsalted tortilla chips are terribly un-satisfying....
That is all.

Friday, November 12, 2010

You'll fall in love.....

I can't go on much further about how to fancy up my balcony without creating a post about the wonderful creations by my bff, miss b. Check out her work over at terri planty. The clean glass vessels and quirky figurines are a feast for the eyes. These terrariums would be a wonderful addition to anyone's balcony, office, coffee table, picnic table, any table! I strongly suggest checking out the site and keeping these pretties in mind for holiday gifts, seeing as how she welcomes custom orders!! ;) I have to promote, she's my best lady. The first image is my terrarium! It was my bday gift in September. There's a redhead gal with her cat. Perfect. Speaking of cats, I have to whisk mine away from the cheese and apple I have waiting for me on my coffee table. Happy Friday!!

patio accessory

How cute is this wooden whale, which I found on designcrush? What a great spot for a hide-a-key, which may be necessary out on my balcony, seeing as how not long ago I locked myself, hubby, and two best friends out on said balcony at 11pm....(!)

Thursday, November 11, 2010


two pretty images for your day. 'water'-fall via the thinking tank, and balloon-fall via labour of heart*


Get to go into work late today, a half shift. Slept in, got cozy on the couch. Auggie was excited about my oatmeal....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Spotted on d*sDesign*Sponge
Two things I love about this porch space-no, three things: tall planter box, bold cushions, and the bench. I'm intrigued. I can't fit that size of a bench on my balcony, but perhaps a custom mini one?


Finally, a few clips of our Halloween costumes. We pulled off Bonnie and Clyde in a fun, last-minute way. I believe that the guns and my beret truly made our costumes, and I have my little cousins to thank for that! We celebrated Halloween with 4 birthday parties, one of which was this costume party where we dance and drank plenty, until 1am where we took flight before we turned into pumpkins. A carefree, festive, gangsta-style way. These photos were taken by our friend Patrick with the Hipstamatic app on his iphone. I can't believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner....

there's something in-the-works....

My blog is receiving a much-needed revamp, courtesy of Miss Bee-and a project is also in the works.
A focus with all of this is needed, and it's going to involve 'le balcony.' I do realize that Fall is here, and Winter is upon us, yet I'm tired of not taking advantage of our balcony. Considering how small our apt is, I believe that our balcony is a treasure. A treasure which is completely shaded in by trees, and those views which you can obtain through the leaves are that of the local library and nothing more. How pleasant is that?? This balcony is a place where we've enjoyed a summer afternoon glass of wine, and also a midnight lock-out which involved a tree-shimmy and a locksmith. Going forth, this balcony will be a mission of mine, among all other viewing pleasures presented on this blog space. Thank you for enjoying it with me.