Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I bought myself a new yoga mat today. Should I also buy myself a gym membership renewal?

The recent heat has me dreading summer. I'm trying my best not to complain about the weather because I can't imagine better weather than what we have in LA, yet it really does make me so grumpy. 

I really like my job

Mad Men is definitely one of my favorite shows of all time. 

I want to revamp my blog. I want a new name, header, layout, everything. I need help. 

Today I had the thought; what if there was no Mila? And I don't mean that in the tragic sense-I mean it in the sense that, I feel like her little being was so meant to be put on this Earth.  Regardless of my struggle to imagine my life without her, I can't imagine her not living and contributing to this world. She's such a strong character, I really feel like she's going to make a great impression. She's going to go places. She's going to go far. Her soul looms above me in a way that I never expected.....Already, I'm learning from her. She's so social, and strong, and smart. A natural-born leader. What I think about often is her role as a big sister. I'm not ready to get pregnant again, yet I do believe that she's meant to be the oldest sibling. She's meant to lead.     

Drinking cold white wine out of a mason jar, in my pjs, with all the windows open, a sleeping baby, and Greg at work, is my current moment. What's yours?

So, Mother's Day happened. And it was awesome. Greg works at 6am on Sundays, so he's gone by the time we get out of bed. I woke around 8 and gazed at my iphone until M woke around 9. (Yes, she thinks she's a teenager). Once we stumbled into the living room, I found that Greg had left me a really sweet card, and two new pairs of shoes! Nice surprise. I treated M & I to waffles for breakfast (meaning I toasted some frozen waffles...we didn't go out), and we got ready to go run errands. Target, TJ's, and Sprouts, all with a bit of a time crunch, a baby ready for a nap, and really pretty horrible heat. 

She didn't do so well-at 15 months, she's definitely not loving confinement, be it the carseat, stroller, highchair, shopping cart-you get the picture.  Of course this would affect anyone's ability to shop Target at their leisure (gasp!) (when really, my wallet should thank her). 
Anyway, a bath, shower, and 2.5 hour nap later, we were ready for Greg to come home from work at 2pm so that we could go to my parent's house. 
The party there was a lot of fun. There were quite a few of us (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandma) and enough enchiladas/chile rellenos/beans/rice/etc to go around-and around). Yummy. 

It was a festive day that felt special but not forced. It was time spent with family, both immediate and expanded. It was kitchen prep and cooking, opening gifts, mixing drinks, and playing in the grass once it (kinda) started to cool off.   

I felt content, relaxed, and grateful.

portrait of a sicky

Life threw us a few curve balls a week & a half ago when baby girl developed a high fever for 3 days, was diagnosed with an ear infection, prescribed antibiotics, and then....developed an allergic reaction to the antibiotic. 
So, turns out our little lady is allergic to amoxicillin/penicilin. No fun! Now for the rest of her life we'll/she'll have to let it be known that she has an allergy. This is something that I've been fortunate enough to never need to worry about. I realize that there are worst things to complain about, yet it's still strange understanding that she has an allergy. The sign was a rash on her forehead in the morning, that had crept across her face, chest, and back by mid-afternoon. It was itchy enough that we had to give her Benadryl. Oh, and her 5th tooth finally showed itself. Great timing, right?? By day 5 of all of this nonsense, I was crying myself to sleep along with her. 
But we're all better now-3 doctor's visits later.  

Friday, May 3, 2013

This is the kind of day that I love..

This morning, as coffee was brewing, I realized we didn't have much in the house for breakfast besides oatmeal. One slice of frozen waffle...etc. Not feeling excited about oatmeal, and after letting Greg sleep in a bit (oh, I was off today b/c I have to work tomorrow; Saturday) I asked Greg if putting our coffee in a thermos and going for a walk around Sierra Madre with muffins in hand sounded nice. Luckily, he said yes. By 9am we were sitting outside staring at the foothills, sharing a breakfast burrito and a muffin, while Mila 'woofed' at all the passing dogs and pointed out all the passing busses. Have I mentioned before that I love Sierra Madre?? You would swear you're in Cambria...or Big Bear...or on the set of Gilmore Girls...
We went to the park so that Greg could shoot hoops and we could swing and walk and play. 
Afterward, I watered my garden while Mila played in the mud, we all got cleaned up, picked up sandwiches, napped at home (Mila) went to work (Greg) and then I prepped us girls to go over to Cassandra & Lucian's house for a visit in their beautiful South Pasadena home. 
Greg's still at work (he works 2pm-10pm in case you were wondering) and I just finished a lime popsicle and have the a/c going and just might get into bed soon. Big day at work tomorrow with a Rose Garden wedding, and our first-ever prom. Eek  

Mila updates

Miss M will turn 15 months on 5/11. She only has 4 teeth (two on top, two on bottom). She walks 100% of the time. She drinks whole milk, 15-20 oz. a day (recommended amount is 16-24). She also drinks water out of a sippy cup. (The milk is still in a bottle, something we've been lazy about weaning). She absolutely loves dogs & cats, putting on her shoes and going outdoors, emptying the laundry hamper, carrying towels and blankets around the house, trying to touch the stovetop settings or cat litter box just because she knows she shouldn't, saying hi to everyone she makes eye contact with, taking baths, and checking out the neighborhood peacocks. 

She does not like unexpectedly loud noises (understandable), vegetables (sometimes. unfortunately.) being confined to her stroller, highchair, pack & play, shopping cart, car seat (sometimes. unfortunately). 

She takes 1-2 naps a day. She does not easily go down for said nap(s). Her bedtime routine starts at 7:30pm. Lately, she's been waking up at 7:30am (which is early for her. Sorry, Greg!)
She can say 'HI!' and does so with that exact enthusiasm. She says 'woof woof' every time she sees a dog. She says 'ma!' for milk. Starting to say 'dada.' Sighs in a cute way when she's hugging someone or something. No other words, but she understands a whole lot. I say 'Mila, it's bathtime' and she waddles over to the cupboard where we keep her bathtub. That kind of thing. 

My mom watches her twice a week, Greg watches her on his two days off, and I watch her on my three days off. My parent's house in Burbank is most definitely her second home. The routine we have going on is perfect. She's one lucky kid and she's very loved.