Saturday, October 24, 2009


i am currently sitting at my dining room table with our big, vertical windows swung open to welcome the morning breeze and sun. i'm eating a wheat tortilla with eggs, guac, and salsa-yet i'd almost rather be eating the above crepe that i spotted on d*s-mushrooms, spinach pesto, and goat cheese. mmmmmm. Good morning! Happy Saturday!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

i'm lucky...

because he's so cute, and he takes me to cool new spots downtown...

ooh la la

so happy it's Fall (even though So Cal can't make up it's weather-mind) yet how enticing is this summer-shot i came across on my new fave photo blog, nectar & light... Makes me crave the French Riviera


just when i thought i was getting tired of so much red in our home....i feel reenergized by this shot (which i came across on

my night

my day

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

hear ye, hear ye

the truth

the truth is, i agree so much with the words. i'm not so good at breakfast. the more i sleep in, the lazier i am. if i wake early, i eat breakfast in the car, i admit. if i can wake at my leisure (rarely, as is probably the case with most of you) i lazily drift out of bed. luckily, know who's great at breakfast? greg. he's mastered the scrambled egg. sautees a mean potato/veggie mix. even drops in some surprises once in awhile-hash browns?? and mmmm....morning star 'sausage' patties....Gotta admit, i love those. (i take ketchup with my eggs, greg's a salsa guy-what about you?)

in the know...

my favorite cable channel is Current Tv. who else knows about it?

cute fairy

one day, if & when i am lucky enough to have a daughter, i'd want her room to look like this!!! (images courtesy of visual notes blog)

the desert sky

drove to AZ. with hubby this weekend for a wedding. i love arizona so much. i love watching shooting stars against a black-night-sky. i love spotting teeny snakes and geckos against the exterior of my mother-in-laws house (well, kind of..). i love dry heat. funny clerks at the local market that say 'fudge buttons' instead of other possible curse words. love exploring new locations with greg.


i am sitting in my living room, listening to Bat for Lashes in my pjs, yet i'm dreaming of making these pom-seed cocktails (as seen in a fave blog of mine, LA in Bloom) and throwing a cozy dinner party

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

p. to the s.

by the way, Elegant Bride and Modern Bride magazines have also been canned. Tanked. No mas. (did i tell you that my wedding dress was on the cover of modern bride last year??...) ;) cool huh

Sunday, October 11, 2009


hubby and i went out last night in an effort to be spontaneous and with desire to hear great music and in exploration of downtown l.a. (industrial) and in great spirits and with open eyes and ... we had a great time. this social scene took place in a loft (can you imagine living in such a place? there were ladders on the walls, leading to bedrooms). sadly, we missed flying lotus and gaslamp killer (what with greg's midnight shift!!)---but we made it in time to thoroughly enjoy cut chemist! the surprise guest of the night. we boogied and sipped and laughed and simply had a grand ol' time.

yeah, obsessed...

i am salad obsessed....

I love making salads that are a huge mix of flavors and textures and nutrients. I try to use spinach to get my iron. Avocados are so versatile-I believe they can be added to any single salad you could ever dream up. I just recently thought to add sliced pear, though my usual fruit addition is either an apple or red grapes. Cheese is always good-especially goat, gorgonzola, shaved parm, or sharp cheddar chunks. And the pic on the right? My protein. Tempeh, which TJ's just started carrying, yay! This incredibly nutty, chunky meat substitute was sauteed in olive oil for maybe 5 minutes, and worked splendidly with my other ingredients. (My go-to dressings are either creamy cilantro from tj's, or my own mix of olive oil, balsamic, lemon juice, and s&p).


a wedding i helped to coordinate recently at Descanso spot-patio of Boddy mansion...Gorgeous views

Saturday, October 10, 2009

can you SEE the fall in the air??

cute fall colors....plaids are always so perfect for this time of year....Love the shape of this shirt, i want to wear it with leggings and boots (if i owned boots) or maybe some tom's. and a messy ponytail. this cute piece can be purchased at anthropologie, and ladies take note: the Pasadena store is having an amazing sale right now. I recently purchased a floral-print top (julie has it, too!) and a striped top (i kinda want to recreate my wardrobe and focus heavily on nautical stripes). yay for retail therapy!!

mmm can you taste the Fall in the air?

Greg and I treated ourselves to dinner at El Portal in Pasadena last night (wedding gift money, thanks bro!) and tried some pumpkin soup. It was very yummy and dessert-like. We think they drizzled maple syrup on it. I want to try making it with cumin, fresh herbs, and crumbled cheese as is pictured above-to cut down on the sweetness. Yum! Let cozy-cooking commence!!


if you know me, you know how much i LOVE magazines and always have. i want to chat about them for a second because we can slowly start to see that, due to the internet, mags are not getting the circulation (money) they used to, and are starting to die. blogs are most likely a huge reason for this, and i'm not going to apologize for being a part of the blog-movement, but i can't help but shed a tear for some mags which are drifting away (gourmet! shock. cookie-cute parenting mag-was it alive for long?) And most, most, most sadly: Jane. groundbreaking. edgy. quirky. girly but strong. best editor ever, who was also the founder of Sassy mag, which died a premature death as well. And I must speak of Domino, which was an amazing home decor-ish mag that i didn't get to know well enough until it was too late. Now I scour Out of the Closet for past issues. We gotta cut down on our paper usage for sure. But darn it, how i miss Jane... (p.s. why did i randomly get an issue of The Knot: The Nest in the mail? it's almost too domestic. it's pretty corny. it's meant for newleyweds.) p.p.s. i love real simple now, like i used to love nylon. am i getting old?

wedding part 1 (or more like, just a preview..)

i'm kinda in love with this guy...just a little....We are newleyweds! and there are more pics of our cute wedding to come.


jenny lewis makes me proud to be a pale redhead.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

cat mama

Get ready for lots of pics of my cats on my blog. They are my children, the apples of my eye, the lights of my life, my best fuzzy friends, my constant company, and always a source of fullness in my heart. And really...damn, they're cute, and I dare you to argue that.

the key to my heart...

I'm going to kick off my blog by talking about food. Food-talk is comfortable and familiar to me, I'm a huge 'foodie' and proud of certain recipes I come up with (and/or of course, steal) and will probably talk about food often in my blog!! Tonight I was very tempted to pick up some Sharky's (because a. biting into a huge burrito sounded marvelous and b. i was convinced we didn't have anything worthy of cooking in the kitchen). But let me tell ya, I scoured the fridge and ended up making deliciously great pasta: whole wheat spaghetti, olive oil, green beans, tomato, sun-dried tomato, kalamata olives, and fresh parm. And I thought my kitchen was bare! So glad I decided to look twice. Woopee. Hubby was happy, too. (And the above pics: Best midnight snack ever-from a different night). Now wipe up that drool!

Friday, October 2, 2009

in process

thanks, bianca, for helping to create my beautiful, ethereal header!!