Tuesday, August 10, 2010

cutie pie whale

just because....

obsessed! i tell you.

we (hubby and i) are o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. with this show (Mad Men)
Artist Janet Hill makes me want to love shoes.

my wallpaper right now

Monday, August 2, 2010

woven delight

i want a handful of these stools, lining my living room wall. (via Pinterest, via Bliss)

Somewhere (trailer HD)

two words, many punctuation marks: SOFIA. COPPOLA.!!!!!!!!!!
both, please. i would love both that travel-inspired necklace, and those earrings. via I am a Greedy Girl.

i want a corgi!!

not yet, mind you. no yard at the moment. but maybe one day. they're so freaking cute and hysterical-looking. i've heard they're great pups to own. we'll see. i'd also vote for a king charles spaniel.

heaven on a cheese board.

speaking of cutting cable, i want to lay in the above room all day and read and nap and read and nap. currently reading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See, and loving it.

cable guy

cable guy is supposed to be here between 10am & 12pm. it's 10:03. we'll see what time he gets here. we're cutting our table. going down to the basics-channels 2-13. going to save $100 a month(!) and hopefully, maybe, read much more often. and most definitely watch many more movies.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


via sf girl by bay. looooove this photo. too cute.
designer: Mikao Mimoko. i want this 'watch' because i see it as a play on how Americans (well, some!) can't seem to live without their watches. everyone is always in a hurry and doing things so very 'according to time.' Like, eating even if they're not hungry just because it's noon. why can't we all be more european? why don't i live in europe? yeah, i don't know either.

castle in Denmark

i wanna GO!!!! NOW!!!! (yes, i'm saying that Veruca Salt-style)

what a clever use of........

.......astro turf! (via Bloesem, which is the blog i also meant to credit in my 'blue truth' post below)

the truth

i catch myself often saying that blue is my least favorite color. so i have to kindly remind myself that the truth is that both (certain shades of) turquoise, and 'peacock blue' make my heart skip more beats than only other colors do (except maybe yellow). ANYWAY! i want my bedroom wall to match that of the above image. and those teacups rule, too.

a simple yet lovely day off

three weeks, no day off. that's practically murder. needless to say, having today off (and tomorrow!) is making me one happy little chicken. it's included thus far: not having to set an alarm for the morning (most exciting part) breakfast out with hubby (eew, they put bacon on his sandwich, had to send it back) my fave store Out of the Closet for: a magazine, a wall-hanging, and a DESK! i'm so excited! $15! $100+ at target. (completely inevitable on my days off. darn. can't not do it) organizing desk (yay!) hubby will be home from work soon and i'll make pasta with the beautiful heirloom tomato our dear friend gave us from his garden. oh! and we own bikes now!! pics of all these things to come....