Monday, March 21, 2011

here's looking at you, Spring!

despite the rainy, gloomy weather that is both present and in our future here in LA, spring has officially arrived as of sunday afternoon. the lovely you are my fave sure put me in the mood for spring, so this post is a collection of pretty images from that blog, to warm your heart.

stella-dog, polaroid, and lobster. life is good.


i'd love to renew our wedding vows, in mexico, and look just like her
(spotted on, as usual, 100 Layer Cake.)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

currently gazing at....

i guess i'm in a geometric mood!! all these images were found on { BLACK. WHITE. YELLOW.}
i'm slowly returning to the blog world. thanks to these images, and the b.w.y. lady who posted them, for rejuvenating me.

around the house.....

welcome back to me!!! whew, it's been awhile. i don't really know where the time has gone, but i have been quite the social butterfly + workaholic as usual, so, well, i guess i just explained my absence right there.
i miss blogging, it's like a visual journal, i want to continue it audience or not. it's a nice release.
plus, obviously, i just can't resist posting photos of my cats!!!!! (and a turquoise vase from anthropologie that i couldn't resist, and a hand-me-down, handmade quilt through hubby's family)