Saturday, February 19, 2011

bday dinner for my mom!

at Louise's Trattoria in Old Town, Pasadena on 2/7. my parents are cute. it's their 28th wedding anniversary today. (and i think my hubby and i are pretty cute, too)

Louise's Trattoria in Old Town, Pasadena

i feel bad

i feel bad, i did nothing to honor v-day/my man. this is after going so far as to ask him to get me a card, and request a v-day brunch on our way to AZ (that was our scheduled day to depart for 5 days in tuscon). However, the day before v-day i came down with a monstrous flu, and on the morning of v-day, i read an amazing, amazing card that he gave me, literally while i had a thermometer in my mouth. classy. anyway, our trip got postponed, but we left the following day, and spent 4 days down there. i'll post photos soon. and hopefully i'll get that vday card to my man eventually. better late than never, right? (oh, he doesn't care about a card, who am i kidding?? i'll make him dinner instead)
(image via a cup of jo)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

currently gazing at...

this swimsuit!!! via Bliss

can you spy the cute kid? how hilarious is that??
also, i love the idea of a big ol' chalkboard wall in a kid's room.
seen on a merry mishap.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

day 7!!

no cheeeeese!!!!!!
(i did have tzaziki the other night at Raffi's-a new fave-but i'm choosing not to feel guilty for it)

currently geeking over....

....these heels...don't they scream Spring??
seen on Bliss

a restaurant review

Colori Kitchen! it's the ultimate. i finally made it there after years of great things being said by close friends. we double-dated with e&p. E is vegan and i love that she has quite a few super yummy options to choose from at this italian spot, as opposed to just a limp pasta primavera.
they serve this 'dip' of sorts with your bread, i think it's actually mashed potato among other things. a bit 'much' to have a carb on top of a carb, but i commend them for it being unique. 3 of us got specials-mine was creamy and cheesy and beyond indulgent---a fabulous, fabulous meal, but the kind that leads one to reconsider their diet all together! wink. (next time, i'll order something vegan)
colori kitchen is located in the heart of downtown la, a building away from the golden gopher. parking beneath all the high rises is always fun.
ok, last perk about this spot, and it's a good one: no corkage fee for one bottle per 2 people! que rico!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

holy health....

my, what a healthy week i've been having. i would have NEVER thought that i could even go one day without cheese, but it's been 4 days now without any dairy of any sort (save for some parmesan in a pesto sauce, whoops)
i want to compile a more complete post on what inspired me, what's keeping me going, what i'm eating, ways in which i'm trying to be more active.
for now, i simply wanted to write because i'm so happy. my energy is pretty much through the roof compared to what it used to be like. my ultimate goal, that which i've pretty much stuck to in these 4 days, is no sugar, and no processed foods. and fruit fruit, veggies, water, and fruit.
it takes a ton of effort and a ton of planning. yet it's so rewarding.
and we'll see how sore i am tomorrow, after tonight's pilates class!
yay 2011!!

game night!!

game night! this is fast becoming on of our fave ways to spend an evening. munching, drinking, laughing our heads off with friends. this was from a few weeks ago at E&P's great spot (i've been lazy about uploading photos) That was my 1st time playing apples to apples (wait, 2nd time) It's pretty great. and of course i must mention how amazing e's pup Stella is. the cutest of the cute. a true cuddle bug.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

have you seen anything cuter in your entire life?
i doubt that i have.
except maybe a piglet. baby pigs take the cake.
here's the source. her blog is beautiful-congrats to the new mom.

currently shouting out!

hey miss b, thank you for always commenting on my blog, and encouraging me to maybe just maybe keep my hair long & thick so i can continue wearing it high & haphazardly, such as this girl
(been doing this hairstyle to the max)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

i. want. that. dress. (not to mention her skin, purse, and hair)
ok, thanks!

currently resisting....

gelatin & white sugar, you both are the devil, and represent everything that is evil and addictive. i'm giving you up!!! but damn, i used to love a good lemon bar.
(update: i wrote this post a few days ago and saved it until now. no luck yet with giving up white sugar. wish me luck)

all these outfits, i want. loose, mature yet still relaxed, solid. they're especially tantalizing with this spring-like weather we've been having in LA. See more at: Bliss