Monday, May 31, 2010

Mad Men

hubby and i are obsessed. his super great friend lent us the dvds for the 1st season and we've watched 4 episodes. we watch them in bed w/laptop since our tv is in a sad color state. the acting, set design, and costumes are superb. the affairs, smoking,and drinking keep us on our toes and kinda grossed out. but we're obsessed.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


i want a corgi.

i follow! i follow!

You could not ask for a more beautiful gift shop, nor a more beautiful blog, than Pergolina Gifts. I follow them on here, and you should, too.

not quite sure as of when, but....

i'm going to quit coffee soon. i'm scared.

Friday, May 28, 2010

more ACE images

weekend getaway!!

we just booked a room at the ACE hotel in Palm Springs for our one-year anniversary!!! We're SO excited!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

ornate perfume bottles make me happy..

via fine little day

i want such a piece of furniture very badly

via fine little day


via Bloesem

dining al fresco....

via fine little day

heaven in a plastic container... harvest squash soup from whole foods.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

happy feet

yay, warm weather and bright sunshine filtering into our cute little apt.

tulips from my love

hubby brought me 2 bunches of tulips from tj's!! they opened up today. i think they like the bay window.
i coordinate weddings here and there, and last weekend i worked one where i actually got to take some flowers home! this never happens. there were tons of flowers. tons. i took some of the posies, which are the short bunches which were tied to the ends of the ceremony chairs lining the aisle. because the stems were so short and my vases are too tall, i filled up a bowl with water (*brand new patterned bowl from anthropology) and stuck them in there. auggie insisted on posing in each photograph.

i LOVE our cats

and they LOVE our hamper

a dinner last week

made a greek salad, added shrimp and tzaziki, and stuffed it all in warm wheat pita.

our wedding...

our one year wedding anniversary is next month! i can't believe it! i can't wait to celebrate.

bloom, grow, love

spotted these images on sfgirlbybay. i love the faded pinks. such simple, beautiful images.

one cute redhead, i gotta admit....

via olivet

i want this lamp!

via eclectica miami....cute, no?


spring goodies-spring risotto w/veggies and a hard-cooked egg, plus munchies and dip
via sfgirlbybay and YouAreMyFave, respectively