Saturday, September 18, 2010


so, hubby has a pretty amazing (and pretty old) Panasonic camera with a Lumix lens. yeah baby. funny part about it is that all it takes is a quick tap of the finger to take a photo-but i'm talkin such a quick tap that no one understands/can tell that it is really all it takes, and so most everyone that grabs hold of said camera to shoot a photo ends up taking about 5 pictures instead of 1. case in point is seen below. these are images of my dear friend julie and i in my parent's cute backyard. i forget who took these photos, but obviously, they didn't realize the shutter going off at warp speed. what resulted was a mini photo session of almost-mirror images, as if it's one of those flip books you had when you were a kid, of an image that changed rapidly with each flick of a page. this is particularly hilarious with these images because of the corny images julie and i were purposely doing in order to fit in with the cottage/romantic vibe of the stone bench we were sitting on, in the quaint backyard. love it.


....via Scout Holiday

just because.... fave shades of blue and yellow, for your viewing pleasure.... (via ?)


Autumn is slowly but surely arriving, and i couldn't be happier! when the air is crisp, i wake up with a smile on my face. coffee even tastes better. denim feels better. cats and myself sleep better. books call my name. pumpkin-scented candles become my most sought-after. everything about life automatically gets cozier. with that said, the blogs Life According to Celia, and Scout Holiday, are prepping me even more with the above images. (my mission this Fall is to successfully pull off the knee-sock craze. i'm lovin' it, i gotta say)

i've recently found two blogs that i'm enjoying: Dores-(super cute cat image), and That's Happy-(beautiful glittery cupcake image) *The author of That's Happy lives in AZ with her hubby and baby...hmm....


this super rad hotel is in Austria. i want to go, now. i spotted it on the blog Black Eiffel.

one more birthday-inspired image...

can you BELIEVE how amazing this fig cake looks??


september is a FULL month of birthdays in my world. i have a long list of leos, fellow virgos, and libras in my life. as my birthday was approaching, i was collecting images (above) to inspire me to create a festive birthday party of my own. my birthday consisted of a lovely afternoon bbq with loved ones at my parents house-plenty of kabobs and sangria for all, followed by (on my actual bday...) a fancy schmancy seafood dinner at the Water Grill restaurant in downtown LA with hubby, and a cocktail at the historic Biltmore hotel. Pics of all that soon, as well as the banner of cards I've hung on my wall which i'm not taking down anytime soon. i am so lucky! i had the best birthday ever...