Saturday, October 16, 2010

i work with weddings all the time. i talk to brides all the time. i can't begin to count the amount of weddings i've seen take place. however, i can simply never get enough. i. love. wedding. details. including these, of this gorgeous wedding i spotted on Saipua. so classic, clean, romantic. timeless style.

i hate the term 'girl-crush' but...

i want to be her. she looks french. this is via: Fly.

Do YOU love this, or is it just me?

via bluepoolroad

baby fever. via all the mountains.

wall jewelry

i want these two images blown-up LARGE, and FRAMED, in our living room. so gorgeous. (top one via all the mountains, bottom one via bluepoolroad)

me, on a tray. via seesaw.


my baby fever has reached a new high. (images via Say YES! to hoboken, and seesaw)

found a new blog: Say YES! to Hoboken

gosh darn it, i want this outfit real bad. i'd wear it every day.

found a new blog: Lox Papers

holy-collage-heaven. most of her posts are themed collages. very inspiring.

found a new blog: Senses Five

hair inspiration. a redhead! she's pretty. followed by the perfect messy bun. (her eyeliner and turtleneck don't hurt)

ze perfect Frenchy wedding cakey

argh. i forgot which blog i stole this from. my apologies.

Monday, October 11, 2010

a neck ornament that i WANT, perfect for Dia de los Muertos.....the perfect, perfect fall outfit.....and a girl who can't possibly get any more gorgeous.....all via 'i am a greedy girl'

well, hello there, cute backyard.

spotted on 'aesthetic outburst'

i want to travel.

i have a BIG itch to travel. period. the travel bug is bite bite biting my heels. i want to run to europe, and sit on river boats and ride bikes and carry baguettes and buy postcards and dodge vespas and drink port and stroll through gardens and hear different languages. (image via 'life according to celia')

finger ornaments


kinda love these rings. no, i truly love these rings. i think they're pretty g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. And i'm not much of a jewelery gal. No, i do enjoy jewelery, however i have pretty simple taste. if i wore such a ring, i wouldn't feel comfortable wearing one more piece of jewelery. i'm a nerd. these are via 'a desert fete'

Sunday, October 3, 2010


check out this GORGEOUS photo of a young Lucille Ball! this is rare form, for those who are so used to seeing her in an apron with a crazy up-do. i love this. spotted it on Life According to Celia


bows seem to be all the rage, whether it's a big bow smack on the top of your head or even bows made out of hair. i'm loving this bow scarf, which i spotted on you are my fave.


i am pretty darn excited for halloween this year, because it's on a sunday and my days off are sunday-monday. no idea what my costume will be. but there are sure to be some good festivities-the birthday mania that exists within my realm of loved ones ends with julie on the 29th, and ericka and my dad on halloween itself.

cuuuuuuute short dress

via: you are my fave.

cupcake tower for one

via: you are my fave

sunday sunday

pumpkin pancake breakfast-yes, please!! i would especially love such a fall-themed breakfast, eaten outside on those cute cushions. i'm growing to love sundays. they used to make me antsy. now, i'm so exhausted by the end of the work week, and especially after the festive fridays & saturdays we've been having (birthdays and weddings galore) that i truly indulge in a relaxing sunday. today i made myself coffee, eggs with veggies, and a big warm bran muffin. my friend julie is on her way over-we're going to take advantage of this weather, and avoid spending money, by walking around my neighborhood-tons of cute homes to look at, and a hillside which provides for quite a good burn. happy sunday!