Thursday, January 14, 2010


i sit here in my cozy, grande apartment. warm pjs, full belly, optimism, happiness. i feel very lucky to have the life that i do. in moments like these, it's hard to have to imagine what life would be like if a 7.0 earthquake had ripped through my neighborhood. what happened in Haiti is too terrible for words to describe. it almost doesn't feel real-when tragedies (naturally-occuring or not) happen in far away places, halfway around the world-it's so easy for us all to continue with our days. i'm thinking a lot about the deaths and destruction that have shaken this other part of our world. i wonder how prepared i am for the possibility of something like that happening here. of course, one can never be prepared enough. all i can do in this moment, as corny as this may sound, is look around at my surroundings and reflect on all that i have and how warm and content i am. what a blessing.

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