Sunday, August 1, 2010

a simple yet lovely day off

three weeks, no day off. that's practically murder. needless to say, having today off (and tomorrow!) is making me one happy little chicken. it's included thus far: not having to set an alarm for the morning (most exciting part) breakfast out with hubby (eew, they put bacon on his sandwich, had to send it back) my fave store Out of the Closet for: a magazine, a wall-hanging, and a DESK! i'm so excited! $15! $100+ at target. (completely inevitable on my days off. darn. can't not do it) organizing desk (yay!) hubby will be home from work soon and i'll make pasta with the beautiful heirloom tomato our dear friend gave us from his garden. oh! and we own bikes now!! pics of all these things to come....

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