Saturday, September 18, 2010


so, hubby has a pretty amazing (and pretty old) Panasonic camera with a Lumix lens. yeah baby. funny part about it is that all it takes is a quick tap of the finger to take a photo-but i'm talkin such a quick tap that no one understands/can tell that it is really all it takes, and so most everyone that grabs hold of said camera to shoot a photo ends up taking about 5 pictures instead of 1. case in point is seen below. these are images of my dear friend julie and i in my parent's cute backyard. i forget who took these photos, but obviously, they didn't realize the shutter going off at warp speed. what resulted was a mini photo session of almost-mirror images, as if it's one of those flip books you had when you were a kid, of an image that changed rapidly with each flick of a page. this is particularly hilarious with these images because of the corny images julie and i were purposely doing in order to fit in with the cottage/romantic vibe of the stone bench we were sitting on, in the quaint backyard. love it.

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