Monday, September 3, 2012

Brentwood~Who Knew?

I'd like to give credit where credit is due and mention that Greg is an adventurous, spontaneous, and charming spirit. Where I reach for routine, he reaches to explore. 'Opposites Attract' comes to mind when thinking of our relationship ;)
That said, he had recently heard of a new restaurant on the west side that he wanted to check out. We do not have a day off together (that's getting real old, real quick by the way) yet we do have Sunday afternoons together, as I'm off and he works 6am-2pm.
So one Sunday back in August, we decided to hit the road and check out this restaurant in Santa Monica. Of course, my initial thought (oh, who am I kidding; thoughtS as in plural) were: That's kinda far away...Ideally we'd be home by 7pm....We'll have to eat dinner so early...What if she doesn't nap on the way there & is cranky at the restaurant....What if she naps on the way home and then doesn't want to go to bed....What if it's cold...the list goes on)
I decided to snap out of it and let things be. Yes, maintaining her bedtime is extremely important to me. But I'm sorry, we also need to 'have a life' and get out of the house once in awhile. We'd make it fun for her. Sure enough, she was an angel.
Yet unfortunately, a simple drive-by of the restaurant made it clear to us that it wasn't baby-friendly. More like a bar. A small bar. Full of super hip fancy peeps...and not a highchair in sight, I'm sure.
We ended up a neighborhood over, in Brentwood, in seach of Sweet Rose Creamery which I kept reading about. We stumbled up on a SUPER delicious Mexican Restaurant, and followed it with the best icecream. So it all worked out, of course. Plus, we got some cute photos in the closed-for-the-night Farmer's Market area.
A very fun & successful family outing.

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