Sunday, December 1, 2013

Family Sunday Funday

Greg picked up a shift in the busy days leading up to Thanksgiving, so he was granted today off in return. We never ever get a weekend off together, so we decided to celebrate with a trip on the Metro Gold Line to Olvera Street. What's fun about the Gold Line is it's almost all above ground, so it's a really fun tour/view of Pasadena, East LA. Downtown, Chinatown, etc. Mila LOVED looking out the windows and wasn't scared at all. Lunch al fresco, on the busy crowded Olvera strip, was festive and musical and yummy. The only bummer was this was day 2 of no-nap-Mila (instead she just talks and whines from her crib for an hour+, until we finally give up). She's not one to nap in her stroller, so despite an additional trip/Metro break in Old Town Pasadena on our way home, there was no nap today. Of course she fell asleep in the 5 minute car ride from the Metro Station to home-at 5:15pm-so she's in her crib and we'll see what time she wakes up(!) I think this will last her through until morning. 

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