Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summertime continued

A day in the life: 
Trying sandals on for the first time. (I believe they belonged to Olivia?) She actually didn't mind them-she's just (unfortunately) going through a phase where she insists on taking shoes off herself, now that she knows how)
Dinner for us: tuna sandwiches, caprese. Dinner for her: tuna salad (I make mine with smashed avocado, chopped apple, lemon, dill, s&p; no mayo) Mozzarella slices, apple slices, baguette slices. 

(her hugs are the best hugs)
 After we ate dinner, I declared that we needed to get out of the house so that we could get some mild exercise, since it was still fairly early. We headed two miles up the hill to my fave Sierra Madre and happened upon an outdoor 'Beatles' concert. The park was packed with picnics and dogs and kids and musicians decked out in all the proper attire & with accents and everything. 
It was a cute scene and it always feels nice to be outside of the house after 6pm. Now I'm on a kick to go on a walk everyday. We'll see how long it lasts!

 (We're convinced that Mila will be the type to marry barefoot). 


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