Monday, January 13, 2014


I'm writing from my bed at noon on a Monday, sick at home and listening to Mila sing from her crib instead of nap. It's a beautiful day outside and we might have to venture out for some Vitamin D later, as I haven't been outdoors since 7pm on Friday.
Didn't mean to take a holiday vacay from blogging. We've done plenty of fun things worth blogging about, so I'll need to play catch-up. 

My sister just flew back home after being here for a week and of course that was a lot of fun to have Mila hang out with her Auntie Shell. We went to Don Cuco's, Golden Road, Olvera St, she spent the night, plenty of fun stuff. If all works out well, we will be headed to Houston for Mother's Day weekend in May to watch her graduate w/a degree in Earth Science/minor in Biology. 

Mila and I started a mommy & me Burbank Parks & Rec class & absolutely love it. It's going to be the perfect chance to get her around more of her peers, get her used to following instruction, participating in crafts, singing songs, etc. The teacher is great. 

I'd type more but I'm on my iPhone so I'll follow up with some photos instead. 

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