Tuesday, November 10, 2009

beauty in paris

this was posted on Cup of Jo (my fave blog by the way) along with a few other images of florals in paris. i LOVE ranunculus, they're my absolute fave. (and paris could def compete for my fave city). i almost made greg marry me in april just so we could incorporate them into our decor. alas, this image for now is good enough and i especially love that burnt orange shade.....ooh i love fall so much, i need to stop running around like a chicken sans head and stop and appreciate the moment before winter arrives. isn't it funny, even just seeing orange flowers helps me crave pumpkin-flavored-anything, and cardigans and scarves and crispy leaves and bonfires and cat-cuddling-time and hubby-cuddling-time and stuffing and everything else.........(I have a pumpkin cheesecake recipe tacked to my fridge-i need to get on that) G'night!!

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