Friday, May 27, 2011


so, i booked an appointment for next week to get my hair cut. i like going to Frenchy's in Burbank-they do me right. problem is, i don't exactly know what i want. i know that my split ends are insane, that i am simply long overdue for some hair tlc (i know that date of my last hair cut, and i am choosing not to say) My hair is long. and thick. i have mermaid hair. it grows fast. if i'm done with the messy bun thing, don't i deserve to chop it off? i tend to favor short, choppy styles, but my hair type doesn't do too well with it. however, i still wanted to explore my options, so i figure no better place to pursue my options than The Sartorialist. well, what do you know, practically ever dame featured on recent pages has long, thick hair. pretty ironic.
nevertheless, here's a couple shorties that i liked:

ha. literally just a couple.
needless to say: To Be Continued.......


  1. i love all of these photos. but most of all i am super happy to see you back in the blogging spirit. you have no idea. keep 'em coming!

    love you. :)

  2. I am in the same boat! I'm going to consult a friend here who cuts hair and see if she can do something to the mess now, or if I should chop it (a la Alexa Chung)!
    Style or chop, it would be my first cut here!