Tuesday, May 24, 2011

photos, as of late.

where have i been? 22 days of no posting, i don't know what right i have to blog at all! i would probably give it up if it weren't for the inspiration of my dear friend B, who still checks my blog and makes me feel special :) anyway, my absence excuse? work work work work work work work. brides brides brides brides.....you get the point. so, here's a visual narration of my recent where-abouts, starting with my second home, le office. over the past few weeks, i was ready to bring a sleeping bag and set up camp there, as i felt there could never be enough hours in the day, as the work piled higher. (it's gotten better, hence this ability to post)
so, my nice, spacious office:

and, the neat little desk (at home) that i sit at (sometimes) and hubby does homework at (often)

then: what i've been reading.....(i almost can't stand how cute auggie's paws are on the bottom right corner-can you see them? definitely not planned but so cute. he's my shadow)

then, laundry. never quite in the mood to take care of that....

yet i manage to contribute to the problem by buying more clothes....

lastly, i've been appreciating and enjoying the sunshine, at least as of today, though deep-down i'm secretly yearning for Fall, for some reason. i made a big batch of veggie & bean soup last night, that curbed the yearning a tad bit.
all in all, life is good, if not pretty great, i just have had little-to-no creative energy as of late. but i feel a nice release when i blog, so i want to maintain/continue, even if it's just for me.

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