Tuesday, August 30, 2011

16 week appointment

Yesterday we had our third doctor's appointment. At the first two, we were lucky enough to get an ultrasound. At this one, we were led into a room with no ultrasound machine. Boo. We had been misled to believe that at this 3rd appointment we'd find out the gender, but no ultrasound was offered-just a listen to the heart beat through a stethoscope.
Nevertheless, it was a very nice appointment.
At the beginning of each appt, you sign in and then grab a cup and take it to the bathroom to pee in it. When I took my cup to the counter where all the other pee cups were waiting for their analysis, I realized mine was the only full one. Do they only want a little bit? I find it hard to believe that I would be the only pregnant gal with a full bladder post-lunchtime. If they don't really need me to fill it up, I'd hope they would tell me-kinda embarrassing.
I've gained six lbs. Not horrible, but I need to watch it. From my first to my second appt, I had not gained any weight. That means 6 lbs in four weeks. They recommend 4. The doctor sweetly smiled when I gasped, 'Is that horrible??' She did not have concern.
Greg and I had to wait quite a bit in the room for the doctor. Each room has a bulletin board that is plastered with birth announcements and thank-you cards for the doctors in the building. We like to read the names and see which are common and which are unique.
We asked & received the info on our hospital, namely how to pre-register (required) and how to sign up for the tour (free) and Lamaze (strongly recommended, not free). We will meet our baby at the Arcadia Methodist Hospital, where Greg's niece just delivered. It looks beautiful and is located between the Santa Anita race track and a golf course.
Our doctor apologized for looking tired (she didn't) and explained that (as of Monday at 2:15 when our appt was) she had delivered 7 babies since Friday. Holy s**t.
I told her that I'm concerned about my fatigue and the fact that I've been vitamin D deficient in the past (due to my fear of the sun). She pretty much told me that I'm tired because I'm pregnant. But it's safe to take supplements if I want to.
She said that by week 20 I should totally transition to just sleeping on my side. No more back. Time to shop for a body pillow.

Oh-for those who were expecting the gender reveal yesterday like we were: the next appt is 9/26 and we will indeed find out then (if the baby is being a show-off squirmy wormy). I can just hear her saying "It's a Boy!" But we'll see ;)

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