Wednesday, August 24, 2011


hi Megan,
you're 15 weeks pregnant!

Baby's now the size of a naval orange!
Continuing the march toward normal proportions, baby's legs now out-measure his arms. And, finally, all four limbs have functional joints. Your fetus is squirming and wiggling like crazy down in the womb, though you probably can't feel the movements just yet.

So, I signed up on this website, (same web family as and When you sign up, you enter your due date, and then every week thebump emails me with a little note about the progress of the baby in my belly. Each week, they compare the size of the baby to a different piece of fruit. When I first signed up, our little one was the size of an orange seed....Now, at 15 weeks, he/she is the size of an actual orange!!! Crazy fast growth. Very exciting and humorous to read. I like to forward the emails to Greg and our moms.
My belly really started to pop last week. That photo of me on the pier was just the beginning. It's a bit funny, though-I seem to show more by the end of the day, or after a big meal, or when I have a full bladder. I'm starting to get looks and comments, which is fun. I'm excited to officially look pregnant, and not just like I ate too many slices of pizza.
The best part of the day for me is early in the morning, when I'm laying in bed. I don't let myself sleep on my stomach anymore, so it's all side or back. When I lay on my back, in the morning, my belly is hard and swollen, below my belly button. It's such a trip-feels like I have a football in there. Sadly, I don't notice it as much once I get up to pee, or when I'm standing up walking around-then it becomes more full-belly, like up to my ribs and not concentrated at the bottom.
Also, I think I'm starting to feel movement. Based on what my mommy friends have said, the beginning of detecting movement feels like you have air bubbles in your stomach. And/or like there's a little butterfly fluttering its wings in there. It makes me happy.
Lastly, I went to prenatal yoga last night. It was fun! I changed at work, left at 5:10, and made it in time to sign up for the 5:30 class in South Pasadena. It's walking distance from Greg's Trader Joe's. It's a cute yoga studio, a step-up from yoga through Burbank Parks and Rec, or yoga at LA Fitness. The hilarious thing was there was only one other student besides me. So the two of us got plenty of personal attention from our instructor, which is nice of course. She would come around and help adjust our goofy poses. They provide support tools in prenatal yoga, including foam blocks that you can use to put your weight on with your hands when you're bent over, so you don't bend over too much onto your little orange ;) I signed up for ten sessions.

I'm going to try to write more often on here. I haven't been good about documenting my feelings (emotional & physical) or my cravings (and aversions) or the like.
Here's a recap:
-Cravings: Bread, Cheese, Soy or Rice Milk. (as in, tall glasses of cold milk) And frozen yogurt. I guess I should be worried that my body is lacking calcium, with how much I've been wanting it!
-Emotions: Not too crazy, though if you ask Greg he may answer differently. I do have less patience for certain things at work, and for traffic (red lights mainly). I feel much more happiness and peace than I did in the first trimester, which is when I had a lot more paranoia.
-Body: Growing out of all of my clothes, quick. Every time I put on my skinny jeans, I tell myself 'ok, this is the last time' Then I go to wear them again and I suffer at work all day. Good thing I've received three boxes of maternity clothes between Anna and Cassie!
-Most frequently asked question: Do you want a boy, or a girl? (I mean, really? How do you answer that?...)
-Dreams: Heavy, vivid, frequent

If you're still reading, you're a very good friend


  1. Loving the updates! Thank you so much for letting me know about your blog :)


  2. yay keep writing! i love checking out your blog :) lets me feel connected to you. so how much longer till i find out if i'm gonna have a niece or nephew?? :)
    love ya xoxo