Saturday, July 7, 2012

happy baby, sleepy mommy

Here are some recent happy baby photos. The top two are from the 4th of July; a bbq at Ericka's house. I didn't own anything red for Mila or myself to add to our blue and white. 
This last photo was taken today. Last night, Greg put the pink fitted sheet on her crib. I've decided it's finally time to move her to her own room. We'll see if it works out tonight; she's currently sleeping on our bed so I'll need to move her while not waking her. 
I figure it's about time, and there are multiple reasons. First is safety. She can now spin around on her back, so for example she'll start off with her head in one spot and after awhile her head will be where her feet were. No rolling over yet, but tons of turning onto her side. I can't share our bed with her anymore because she'd easily fall off. Next, I figure it's only going to get harder (for her and me) the longer I wait, so I need to bite the bullet and move her now.  Her room is so close yet is going to feel so far!! I told Greg that I'm going to need a sleeping bag for in her room. 
I'm probably trying to do too much at once (I've decided to stop swaddling her, I've let her 'cry it out' a couple times-only for 10 minutes-and I'm trying to soothe her without nursing her (by singing to her and patting her back). This is all in the same week that she's suddenly waking up more often at night, and taking shorter naps. So she's clearly going through a phase (of insomnia if you will) at the same time that I'm trying to perfect everything. They say that at 4 months, their level of alertness has skyrocketed so their ability to sleep suffers; plus they say that as milestones occur, such as rolling over, it affects their sleep too. 
That said, if she ends up in her bassinet tonight instead of her crib, at least I can say that I tried. (Especially because as I'm typing this the cats are playing in her closet and making a ton of noise; how I'm going to deal with that door open at night and her in there asleep while they explore is beyond me)

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