Saturday, July 7, 2012

Girl, Interuppted

Mila has 3 boyfriends. Don't tell Greg. 
Beau is the oldest. He'll be 1 year old in August, which is soooo hard to believe(!) He loves to reach out for her, grab her hand, and poke her face. She shared her Sophie giraffe with him on the 4th of July. Caroline and I can't wait until they're a bit older and their age difference won't mean a thing. 
Then today, Lucian and Elliot came over to play. I met their moms at prenatal yoga in South Pasadena last Fall. Cassandra and I stayed in touch; Amy stopped going to the class. In March, I started going to the breastfeeding support group at Huntington Hospital. Surprise, Amy & Elliot were there! So happy to see them. I told Cassandra about the class and she started going with Lucian. All 3 of us stopped eventually, and instead Cassandra and I started mommy & me yoga. Surprise again, Amy & Elliot were there! So it seems meant to be that the three of us moms maintain our friendship, especially because our babes are only weeks apart. Mila is the oldest, Elliot is 10ish days younger, followed by Lucian with another 10ish days. They were all born in February! It's been a lot of fun staying in touch. Cassandra and I have bonded over mastitis woes, and today Amy and I bonded over moving our babes to cribs and dealing with suddenly frequent night-wakings. The three of them were very cute on the activity mat. Lucian didn't last long because it was time for his bottle, but Mila and Elliot shared play rings for quite awhile. 

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