Saturday, February 19, 2011

i feel bad

i feel bad, i did nothing to honor v-day/my man. this is after going so far as to ask him to get me a card, and request a v-day brunch on our way to AZ (that was our scheduled day to depart for 5 days in tuscon). However, the day before v-day i came down with a monstrous flu, and on the morning of v-day, i read an amazing, amazing card that he gave me, literally while i had a thermometer in my mouth. classy. anyway, our trip got postponed, but we left the following day, and spent 4 days down there. i'll post photos soon. and hopefully i'll get that vday card to my man eventually. better late than never, right? (oh, he doesn't care about a card, who am i kidding?? i'll make him dinner instead)
(image via a cup of jo)

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