Saturday, February 12, 2011

a restaurant review

Colori Kitchen! it's the ultimate. i finally made it there after years of great things being said by close friends. we double-dated with e&p. E is vegan and i love that she has quite a few super yummy options to choose from at this italian spot, as opposed to just a limp pasta primavera.
they serve this 'dip' of sorts with your bread, i think it's actually mashed potato among other things. a bit 'much' to have a carb on top of a carb, but i commend them for it being unique. 3 of us got specials-mine was creamy and cheesy and beyond indulgent---a fabulous, fabulous meal, but the kind that leads one to reconsider their diet all together! wink. (next time, i'll order something vegan)
colori kitchen is located in the heart of downtown la, a building away from the golden gopher. parking beneath all the high rises is always fun.
ok, last perk about this spot, and it's a good one: no corkage fee for one bottle per 2 people! que rico!!

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