Friday, November 18, 2011

28 weeks

Believe it or not, the 28th week is here and in fact halfway through. 
Greg took these photos on his iphone today when he picked me up from work so that we could catch our doctor's appointment. 
Luckily, we both have Mondays off together so we've always been able to meet with our OB then. However, the next two Mondays we'll be in Texas(!) so we had to go today, on a Friday. I was more than happy to leave 2.5 hours early, as my workload has decreased dramatically now that wedding season is over, so I'm simply trying to find ways to look busy and not fall asleep at my desk.
Anyway! The appointment was great. Short & sweet, sans ultrasound, but she listened to the heartbeat and said it sounds nice and steady. Measured the 'size of my uterus' (tape measure vertical against my stomach from top to bottom) and said it's exactly 28 inches and the baby should be about 3 pounds.
She confirmed that I'm officially in my 7th month and THIRD TRIMESTER!!! Here's what I can expect:
The hunger returns....It has taken our baby 7 months to reach 3 lbs, and in the next two months, her weight will double. I've consistently been gaining 1 lb a week which isn't awful, but I need to watch it and not go crazy.
The exhaustion returns....and I can already tell. Having an ever-growing little one in your belly knocks the wind out of you. 
The growing pains are here. My pelvic bones hurt SO bad. She confirmed that they're slowly widening. I don't like it one bit. Bending down hurts, as does putting on pants, taking off pants, changing positions while sitting down, etc. Between this new pain and the stiff legs during sleep, I can say that the 'aches and pains' of pregnancy have been the worst part of it all (which, in truth, is not much to complain about). 
We now start visiting our OB every two weeks!!! I'm so excited. Just going more often, asking questions more frequently, seeing her more often, gets me pumped up. Plus, this officially means we're in the home-stretch. 
Lastly, I received a shot today (in my bum!) because I have a rare blood type (RH-negative) and Greg has a common, A-positive, thus there is a conflict of types swimming through my body and I could get sick, or worse the baby could become sick. I just read the wikipedia explanation of it all and it went a bit over my head, but at least it's getting taken care of; I'll receive one more shot at the hospital during delivery.

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  1. I love your outfit! That would be perfect for next week (!)