Friday, November 18, 2011

anti-turkey week

On Monday, we board an airplane for the grand ol' state of Texas. We'll be there for an entire week, from Monday to Monday, bridging the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm very excited to:
go on vacation
see my sis
see Greg's family
see Austin
eat Tex-Mex food
go to the river-walk in San Antonio
see the bats fly in Austin
see where my sister sleeps, works, studies, and plays in Houston
enjoy a cozy holiday with family

I'm not totally looking forward to the forecast: high 70's with severe thunderstorms. Ah! What does that even mean?? I'm afraid of humidity.
It'll be so nice to have an entire week with no responsibilities, no clocking in and out, no losing sleep because of our cats (though I'll miss them a bunch and worry about them even more). There will be a lot of driving (we're going to Austin, San Antonio, and Houston) but we're quite excited & hope the baby likes to fly.


  1. !!!!!! I can't freakin wait :)
    I literally laughed out loud when I read what you said about the weather. it pretty much means mugy :( today was gross, but it won't be this bad when you're here thankfully.

  2. Have so much fun in TX!!!! can we please hang when you get back?!!!! xoxo