Sunday, June 24, 2012

4 months old!!! (well, 4.5 at this point)
What a wiggle worm she was during this session! So fun to realize how she's changing as I try and pose her. I had to post a bunch from this series especially because I love how it ends ;)  All of a sudden she's just like, 'alright, I've had enough, I'm laying down'
Toooooo cute if I may say so myself ;) And it's always a huge success when I capture a smile in the mix. 
4 months is truly like waking up to a different baby every day! I read that they're that much more alert by the time that they've hit this age, and it affects their sleep because they simply don't want to sleep, they want to stay up and witness all the action. And I can definitely see that in her.  And when she's fussy, she definitely doesn't want me out of her sight. And boy, does she want my iphone. The days of holding her while texting are certainly numbered. And this morning she almost grabbed my placemat which would have sent my cereal and coffee flying. I can imagine that once she can sit up and play with toys, that will help her to be more independent so I can, say, eat said cereal and coffee w/out her on my lap. So that'll be nice. But having her more active in my arms is going to change everything!!
At 4 months she's much better in the car, meaning she doesn't scream at every red light. And, especially after a nice nap, she's perfectly content laying in bed and talking to herself and eating her hands. She also loves to be held upright, even facing backward (her chest to my shoulder). I can get by with holding her on my hip but will wait until she's a bit more steady/solid. She's not as good about being laid down at night while awake. I'm having to nurse her to sleep more often. I need to not spoil her in that area, to avoid a dramatic 'sleep training' process eventually. 
I love my girl!!

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  1. umm she's getting big too fast! i love this series, so precious!! :) i love her facial expressions. I love my niece!!!