Monday, August 6, 2012

Our 5 month old little lady

Mila's best friend is Sophie the Giraffe. She loves chewing on her snout, head, and feet. Sophie squeaks and is nice and chewey for future teething episodes. Mila also loves her Bumbo. I set her in it while I cook or do chores. It's also become a centerpiece on our dining room table; while Greg and I eat dinner, Mila sits right there with us. She likes being able to sit up and look around and feel like she's a part of the action (instead of laying nearby on her activity mat)
Speaking of her activity mat (which used to be Olivia's!) Mila has spent many many moments laying on it and grabbing at the toys that hang down, or more recently, rolling over on it. Recently, Greg had her on it and went to do something in another room and by the time he returned, she had rolled off of it and was halfway under the couch! Silly gir.
Here's a photo of Mila as a sleepy girl, patiently leaning on me while I ate my pizza. Wanting to be right by my side.
Mila has become a thumb-sucker since she was about 4 months old. It's not too frequent, and is mostly when she's tired. I love that yellow onesie on her.
Here's Mila in her crib (she's been sleeping in it every night with great success since June 30th!!!) and I was able to get her to sit up, for a moment. The 'tripod' sit, as I call it, as she had all her weight on her hands. This keeps her from falling forward...but she inevitably does fall to her side! We'll continue to practice.
Mila loves to visit her dad at work. Sometimes he takes her around and lets all his coworkers oogle over her. Other times he's busy, or I ask to leave her put since clearly I end up burying her between all the food. Here's her 'get me out of here!!' photo. I look forward to her being big enough to sit in the designated kid spot up top. Until then, I'll likely continue to try and do the shopping when Greg can stay home with her. It's simply easier for everyone.
And lastly here's a photo of Greg and Mila visiting me at work! She was a bit too distracted for the camera, but certainly looked cute in her polka-dot pants.

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