Monday, August 6, 2012

Pismo Day 1

On Weds, 8/1, Mila went on her first vacay.
My mom's side of the family reunites in Pismo Beach every year. Everyone stays in the same hotel and enjoys day-trips, or afternoons spent by the pool, and then all come together around 'happy hour' for drinks and munchies at a particular hotel room. Chairs gather 'round the lawn area which drops to a cliff that descends to the sand, where the ocean awaits. While enjoying happy hour, we get to watch the surfers, dolphins, whales, and sun bathers. It's always a fun, relaxing time.
We broke the (3.5 hour) drive up by meeting my parents in Buellton for lunch. My parents are always not only excited to see the little lady, but also very eager to help us by offering to hold or entertain her so we can have a little break. There's my dad doing so .
This photo cracks me up. She looks so tiny!
After lunch there was only a 45 minute drive to our hotel. The minute you turn the bend and reach Pismo off the 101, you're engulfed in fog and a chilly breeze. (Sounds so nice as I type this from work in 95+ heat).
Above is a photo of the view from our hotel room. We paid a little extra to have the ocean view. We weren't able to get a room at the Kon Tiki (where everyone else stays) so we were a couple blocks away. Similar hotel set-up; manicured lawns that reach the edge of the cliff overlooking the ocean. So fun to leave our sliding balcony door cracked at night and hear the waves! I swear they helped Mila sleep!
Another shot from our balcony. You can see the tip of the pier on the left.
Miss Mila arrived in appropriate attire. (a shirt that my mom bought for us last year, when I was a couple months pregnant)
Play-time with daddy.
Too, too cute!
"Mom, I could get used to this"
Visiting with family around the jacuzzi. She got to dip her feet in. Large glass panels circle the pool area to keep the ocean breeze in check.
Days 2 & 3 to follow!

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