Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pismo Day 2

"Good morning Dad, whatcha doin?"
The view from the pier, mid-morning visit to town
My mom & aunt Jeanne admiring Mila inside our fave Pancho's surf shop
Afternoon nap back at the hotel
Me & my sweetie pie! On our balcony. The sparkling water couldn't have been prettier....A rare moment of sunshine

These two take some pretty cute photos together
The highlight of our trip: wine tasting! On Thursday afternoon, my aunt Jeanne joined Greg and I on an excursion to the Edna Valley, and my mom and cousin Faith followed suit (and watched Mila outside while we sampled inside).
We tasted five delicious wines at Baileyana; a converted school house. It was super cute! Greg and I were reminded of our honeymoon which was full of wine-tasting all along the coast. A favorite past-time! ;) I have to limit myself because I'm nursing (and have a little one to take care of!) but I still thoroughly enjoyed the entire outing.

Perhaps she doesn't know how she feels about grass yet...

We stopped at a 2nd winery; Edna Valley. This was a 'demonstration' section, where you got to pull grapes off the vine and try them. Fun! I didn't try any wine at this stop, but it was so beautiful!!
We returned to Pismo just in time for 'Happy Hour.' Aunt Jeanne and Greg treated the crowd to some bottles they had purchased. This is my new fave photo of my dad & Mila.
Here's my cousin Sam holding a sleepy Mila. Can you believe it was cold enough to have her in pjs, socks, and a fleece sleep sack?? I so want to be back there right now!!

Lastly, my beautiful Grandma Peggy and I!!

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