Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mila and company

Mila is lucky enough to have many, many super cute friends. First up is Miss Olivia who is 2 years older than her, but her mom is my friend from preschool. In September (I think?) we went out for yummy vegan brunch and Mila shared her backseat with Olivia.
Then there's Eva. Her mom is a former Descanso coworker of mine. She'll have a new little sister in February. Eva invited Mila to a private swim club in Altadena in August. Mila's first time in a pool-it was SO much fun!
Next are Elliot and Lucian, two of Mila's boyfriends who we see at least once a month. I met their moms at prenatal yoga. We then found each other again at a breastfeeding support group during those first months. The boys were also born in February. I love the photo of Mila 'flashing' them.
The stroller photo is Mila and Beau at my fave spot, Lemonade, on Lake Ave in Pasadena. Mila and Beau will probably get married, unless she marries his younger brother Dreu who is in his mommy's tummy until February.
The birthday boy photo is Vincent. I think I've tried explaining this on the blog before. Vincent's mom is Mila's cousin. Yeah. I want to make a family tree of Greg's side, with photos, to help everyone wrap their head around it all. Vincent came over to play the other night and enjoyed putting Mila's stuffed animals in her hamper.
Lastly there's Grant who was born in April. His grandma is my mom's bff from elementary school! Two months younger and much bigger! :)
So many cute little ones!

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