Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We're having really good luck with solids. Mila hasn't refused anything that we've given her, and like I said she loves herself a big bowl of food. By the way before I forget, yes, I know bumbos were recalled because babies can flip out of them and get seriously hurt. We've never had an accident with Mila, and never left her side when she was in it-despite her efforts to flip out as displayed in a photo above. As of last week, she has graduated to her highchair at home, and a clip-on chair at my parent's house.
Next week is Mila's 9 month check up. Before that my goal is to give her black beans. To avoid the sodium of canned beans, I'm going to attempt to make them myself. I've never bought fresh beans. I believe they need to be soaked overnight or something crazy like that. We'll see how it goes.
Her last check-up was a few weeks ago, to check on her weight. I am VERY happy to report that she's gained. In one month she gained one pound. The doctor was very pleased and said to just keep doing what we're doing. We saw a new doctor, as we had to reschedule our appointment at the last minute. He was really great because he showed enthusiasm for her progress, and explained things in a different light. (For example, more specific reasons for concern if she hadn't gained weight; such as ulcers, or an inability to process nutrients). Maybe I should try avocado again, since it's nice and fatty. There's really no rest for the weary. I admit, the first 6 months were so easy, all I had to worry about in terms of feeding her was having her with me, to nurse. Now it's all about making sure there's produce in the house, cereal, formula, and packing the bag if we'll be out and about. I assume that once she starts eating the food that we eat, I'll have less to 'worry about' in that sense.
Then I'll have the fun of worrying about choking!
Anyway, it's true what they say, introducing new foods is fun.

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