Monday, December 12, 2011

the storm of all storms

On Wednesday night, Nov 30th, I went to dinner in Toluca Lake w/my friend Chelle @ Gindi Thai (so yummy). We sat by the window and commented on how windy it was outside. When we walked down the street afterwards to our cars, we reached my car first, and then she ran to hers because it was so cold. I got on the freeway and had to grip my steering wheel tight, the wind was so strong. By about 10pm Greg and I were both home and a bit freaked out by the wind. By 11pm, I said I should go to bed since I had to get up for work in the morning, but the wind was so strong it was shaking our windows and doors so I told Greg I wanted him to come to bed with me. We laid in bed for 5-10 minutes before looking at each other and saying 'let's move to the living room.' We were too scared to be near the windows of our bedroom. We set up camp in our living room; he gave me the couch and he slept on the floor. We bundled up and lay in shock. The anxiety was so bad that we could hardly sleep; we were terrified that our windows would pop in or a pine tree would fall on our roof and come crashing in upon us. Dramatic thoughts, I know, but when your power goes out at midnight and doesn't return until the following Sunday morning, and you walk through your neighborhood and notice the destruction (in the photos above) you realized that you spent an entire night awake, trembling on the couch, during the storm of all storms. 

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