Monday, December 12, 2011


Life is good. Now that I no longer work at TJ's on Sundays, I have two days off in a row. There is plenty to do to prepare for our little munchkin, but we're tackling one thing at a time and I'm feeling good about everything. 
Here's what's been goin' down during my blogging break (which stemmed from Texas, power outage, and lack of blogging energy)
Registered at Target for my baby shower (incredibly overwhelming~I recommend that moms to be start sooner rather than later
Assembled the crib
Put up book shelves and new blinds in the nursery
Purchased & wrapped most christmas gifts
Signed up for five more yoga classes
Greg is going to assemble the dresser today
Calling around and setting up interview appointments with various pediatricians

My energy is definitely dropping. I welcome the chance to have a nap, or at least shut my eyes for a few, every day. I don't sleep all that much, plus a little someone inside my belly is growing rapidly and zapping our shared energy. So I'm just trying to both take it easy and get things done here and there so that I don't fret about having soooo much to do (I'm good at fretting about that). My legs and pelvic bone are still killing me; aches and pains almost constantly. I'm trying to bump up the calcium and potassium, stretch, walk, hydrate.
*photo from our annual gingerbread cookie decorating day at my aunt's house. I suckered Greg into coming. And those two are my cute cousins.

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