Wednesday, December 21, 2011


4 days until Christmas! I say this every year (we all do) but it came too fast! I love this time of year, and have to admit I feel that the build-up (decorating, shopping & wrapping, the music, the parties) are even better than the actual day. But I bet that will change: as our daughter(!) grows older, the holiday itself will become even more fun, as we witness it all through her eyes.
Anyway, I finished shopping earlier this year than usual so that's a great feeling. Hubby and I decided not to exchange gifts, and instead open a joint account. But there are still plenty of gifts to give away to our family & friends, and the empty crib has come in very handy for storing gifts away from our ribbon-loving cats.
Today I received the whooping cough & tetanus vaccines. It's funny how many times you get poked by a needle while pregnant. Receiving shots doesn't freak me out but I have plenty of friends who don't do as well. It's something you just have to do! My arm is sore now.
Greg and I are floating a new name around. This name is totally out of the blue and will remain a secret ;)
The nursery is officially ready; the foundation, at least. Greg finished the dresser and it's so beautiful! My dad saved the ladder shelf from my old bedroom and it's leaning against our wall with stuffed animals on it. I will post photos soon. We keep the door closed so every time I go in there it feels crisp and smells fresh and clean.
I'm on pins and needles until our next ultrasound, which is at 36 weeks and I'm 33. It's been so long since we've seen her!
She's moving as I type this.
Dinner is in the oven but I'd almost rather nap than eat. Almost. I might have to nap after I eat ;)
I'm sleeping much better lately.
I sleep with five pillows.
I have 3 yoga classes left.
No one has told me lately that I look like I'm having a boy.
I still have not had a stranger touch my stomach.
Time to finish making dinner!
(Photo again from our gingerbread day at my aunt's house)

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