Sunday, April 29, 2012

Greg transfers stores

About a month or so ago, Greg caught word that our nearby TJ's was looking to hire more people. I've been wanting him to switch to this store since we moved to Sierra Madre. He was due for a change-he had been working at the South Pasadena store for five years, which is a long time (TJ's transfers employees often) and this new store is humungous; it's the one I always shop at. He called the 'captain' (each store has multiple managers but only one captain) and she met with him and told him she wanted him at her store (this is his first time working for a female captain). So he said goodbye to South Pas (see cake photo) and now he's about half a mile away instead of 20 minutes via fwy :) :) And even better: the closing shift at this store is 10pm, as opposed to midnight. So he's much much closer, and he's home two hours earlier. I'm a happy wifey.

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