Saturday, April 28, 2012

So, it's been over 2 months since my last post. Ideally, I would do my best to recap everything in a chronological order, but at this point that would be impossible. As time/energy permits, I will rehash what these past two months have been like (summed up in one word: Wonderful). For now, here's a photo of a smiley two month old, and what we've been up to most recently. 

 Our baby girl is happy & healthy. I keep saying that I don't know how she could be easier. She smiles often and has been doing well at restaurants and in people's arms. She likes to be held so that she's facing out, watching all the action. She likes fixating on the teal duck that hangs from her car seat handle. She likes both her pink & brown vibrating chair, and her swing which she naps in. She typically goes to bed around 11pm and sleeps anywhere until 5am through 7am. As long as she's swaddled in her 'Miracle Blanket,' I can sometimes put her down and she'll fall asleep on her own. 

Today she was laying on her activity mat and watching Cleo, who was chasing her own tail nearby. That's the first time I've seen her notice the cats. Yesterday evening the three of us were at our local Whole Foods and I looked over and she was grasping that duck toy in her car seat. Neither of us saw her grab it so we're not sure if it was intentional or accidental, but it was very exciting. 

She has been to the Huntington twice, Descanso three times, Lacey Park once, and sees/hears many peacocks on our neighborhood walks. She enjoys walks more now than she did in the beginning. My mom and I took her to the Santa Anita mall on a recent drizzly day and she was so good; she seems to like shopping-uh oh!

I have two weeks until my maternity leave ends. It will be hard (harder than I can imagine b/c I'm not letting myself think about it) but I feel so lucky that we don't need to go the childcare route; Greg will have her twice a week, my mom will have her twice a week, and I'll have her the other three days. 

The biggest adjustment will likely be lack of sleep, and a new morning routine, seeing as how I'll need to wake her to feed her before I leave her in the morning..... and then I won't get to fall back asleep with her for her morning nap. Sob. 

Ok, I think that's good for now. I've gotten my feet wet, and now I can post much more often-hopefully.

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