Monday, April 30, 2012

Our trip to the Arboretum

This afternoon once Greg went to work at 1:30pm, Mila and I ran into Target (still get very uneasy about going there; she always manages to be in a fussy mood when we go there-how can my own daughter not like Target?!). We returned two items and picked up some photos. I was browsing the office decor (I thought that buying cute desktop organizers and clipboards would help my transition of returning to work) but Mila kept me from purchasing. Off we went. By the time we drove through our neighborhood drive-thru ATM to deposit a check, she had quieted down so I knew she was asleep. Over to the Arboretum we went. It was a nice afternoon, not too hot. I didn't have enough sunblock on and the shade there is scarce, but it felt so good to walk around. The only peacock we saw was on our way out, in the parking lot funny enough. (I guess they've all officially migrated to our neighborhood) (Yes, for those who don't know, we have wild peacocks in our neighborhood; I love hearing them squak at dusk).
Anyway! The best part of our hour at the Arboretum was the hidden bench that I found by the lake, on a little pathway. I was able to feed her and change her diaper while relaxing and watching the water and ducks. I definitely prefer either Descanso or the Huntington, but the lake at the Arboretum is really nice. 
The photos w/Mila are not good but when you're by yourself, you can't exactly hold a baby up to the rose bushes; I also didn't want to take down her shade cloth b/c it was so bright. Oh well, at least I have proof that we were there. 

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