Sunday, April 29, 2012

so fresh & so clean clean

Miss Mila loves bath time. 
We were gifted Johnson & Johnson bath products (classic) so that's what we use but I am curious to try Aveeno as well. We bathe her twice a week and it only takes about five minutes and she just sits and stares at us while I scrub her down. Greg's job is to strip her down while I warm up the water & grab the washcloth, hooded towel, and container w/spout. He plops her in the tub and picks her up at the end, while I take care of the scrubbing. We love our Puj Tub which is made of foam so it's super light, and fits inside our bathroom sink! I'll be sad when she outgrows it; I can imagine the back pain from bending over a bath tub; plus now I'll actually have to clean my bath tub! ;)
(*top photo is from her second bath ((we were too nervous to take photos during the first bath)) and bottom photo is more recent. Her body sure has filled out; no more funny arm and torso folds like you see in the top photo)

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