Sunday, June 30, 2013

Heat Wave!

Yesterday, we drove down to Menifee, which is on the way to Temecula, for a family birthday party. Every year we head down there around the time of my Aunt Jami, cousin Noah, and cousin Faith's birthdays. They have a huge home in a gated community with private lakes. Mila had a great time pretending to blow up balloons, eating hummus & crackers, playing with the dogs, and sorting through Faith's American Girl doll's clothes. We ate cold cuts and fruit salad, some people played Monopoly, and we truly enjoyed the shelter of their central a/c since it was somewhere between 107-112 degrees outside yesterday. (I read an article about two guys who baked cookies inside a van in Phoenix yesterday. It was about 120 degrees outside, and the thermometer measured 200 degrees inside the van!!! It took them 4 hours, but the cookies tasted like they had come out of the oven, and they took photos to document the baking. Holy crap).

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