Monday, June 10, 2013

Yesterday, we had fun with old and new friends. 

I had mixed emotions about having the day off, which has been common lately due to how busy work is and my constant thinking about it and almost wishing that I could just be getting things done so that my return the following day wouldn't be so swamped. 

Anyway I pushed those thoughts aside and allowed myself to have a truly care-free day. 

We met with Lucian and Elliot at our favorite Garfield Park in South Pasadena which was packed and almost felt like Central Park, with people everywhere on blankets, playing with balls and toys, hosting birthday parties, bbq's, swinging and sliding and dog-walking and bike riding. It was a fun vibe and Greg actually got to come! I subjected him to the girl (read: mom) talk and he was a great sport. After some lounging and snacking (Mila could eat TJ's kale & spinach yogurt dip on crackers from sunrise to sunset) we all ventured over to the playground. This was the first time that we've done that as a group, since in the past we'd just stick to the lounging part and have the babies crawl around. Now they're getting older and it's time for sand, slides and swings whether we like it or not ;)

After the park, we went to a BBQ at Greg's friend's house. He went to high school with Ayo, who comes from a big Jamaican family and they all get together every Sunday. Reggae music was blasting, chicken, hamburgers and lamb were grilling, kids were playing, adults were drinking, and everyone made us feel like family. It was a pretty rad vibe and I especially enjoyed just sitting and chatting with 93 year old grandma who credits her good health and spirit to never smoking, and growing up eating fresh produce in Jamaica. She still has an accent. 

The bottom photo is of Mila with Stella, and Jayven, Ayo's niece and son. They were so sweet with Mila and I hope we find another Sunday to go back and hang with that family again.  

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