Monday, June 17, 2013


  • Mila is 16 months. When people ask how old she is, my answer varies. '16 months.' Or, 'almost a year & a half.' Or, 'She turned 1 in February.' Or, '16 months, she's walking, it's a fun age.' I just never know how to answer that question in a way that will make sense to people. I'd imagine that '16 months' might not mean much to someone who, perhaps isn't a parent of a toddler, or doesn't want to have to count. Kind of like when you ask a pregnant woman how far along she is, and she answers in weeks. I did it all the time, but hey, it's annoying! Quite hard to comprehend. 
  • Anyway. 16 months over here means that she can finally say 'bye' and not just hi. She's also actually making kissy noises when she kisses. Finally mastering the pucker, and not the open-mouth, tongue on your cheek thing. She's also climbing. Pray for us. She's starting small, with a shallow bench in our office, though I'm sure those dining room chairs and the couch will follow soon enough
  • We start our very first class together on Weds. Through Burbank Parks & Rec, we're going to take a 'mommy and me' type class at the Ovrum Center near the Trader Joe's that I used to work at. The class will involve rug time and crafts and songs, etc. It's only 45 minutes, once a week (2:15pm on Weds, my day off). I'm very excited. Though she's technically not of-age (two months off) so we'll see if we actually make the cut. 
  • On Thursday morning we will board our first flight together. We're going to fly up to the Bay Area with my mom, to visit my grandma. I'm very excited. A little nervous, of course, but I just keep telling myself that the flight is only one hour long. She can eat all the peanut butter sandwich crackers she wants. 
  • We will be gone for two nights, and will stay at my grandma's, and also get to see my aunt and uncle, and hopefully lots of deer. It feels strange, and I feel badly, that Greg doesn't get to go. It'll probably feel very surreal to him, to have an empty house.      

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