Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Date Night, again

Oh, these photos do not do justice to the incredible quality of work created by Belgian artist ROA (
Another date night this weekend (pause: let me explain-I really, really am ready to get this blog on a roll, by posting more and gaining a focus. However, my computer is broken, so I'm sharing hubby's macbook-very nice of him. However again, he's a student, and is creating essays on it quite frequently, so I have not been able to spend as much time on my blog as I'd prefer. Instead, been reading Maya Angelou and sending hubby telepathic messages to remember to upload the photos of date nights 1 & 2 from his iphone to his macbook....) Inhale! Ok, let me resume: another date night took place this weekend, in which we went to this funny little gallery known as New Puppy, in an industrial-ish, residential area near Glassel Park. Invite via our sweet friend Sid. Open bar, funny crowd, bike crew, breath-taking art. We got to meet the artist and stand around in an awkward, silent circle with him as he tried to keep his eyes open after missing sleep much of the prior days due to the coming-together of this show. Here's the best part: he arrived in LA 2 weeks prior to the show, with his sweet and quirky gf Ann (pronounced 'On,' and she has the coolest accent) and he spent the first week simply salvaging whatever he could find that would become the 'canvas' for his work (plywood, shutters, doors, tvs, crates) THEN, he spent the 2nd week creating the art!!! All of the pieces displayed (and believe me, there were sooo many) became alive in LA, in this gallery, which he and Ann bunked up in. This show is up until 11/24 and I'd actually love to go again.

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